Academic Conference Partnership

The 16th International Conference of the SGBED is organized in partnership with the 12th ESPM International Conference in Management and 14th ESPM International Symposium of Management and Marketing.



Conference website: http://www.sgbed.com/16th-international-conference/


Nature and Scope of the Conference:

The new business era is emerging with a complex and conflicting perceptions of globalization and local priorities; local and multinational firms encounter many challenges to survive in this competitive environment. The 21st century witnessed an increased role of multilateral institutions, technology, mobility of labor, finance, and global production and trade in goods and services. But critics in developed economies believe that the phenomena of globalization had ignored national and local priorities and caused increased income and wealth inequalities, unemployment and degradation of environment. It is also believed that globalization had largely benefited the emerging economies and pose an increased competitive threat in international markets. As developed economies are more concerned about fairness and the need to correct imbalances in production, trade and distribution, the emerging economies are concerned about their ability to sustain the trajectory of growth and development.  In view of the conflicts and uncertainties that prevail today, the 16th International Conference of the SGBED invites conceptual and empirical research papers, business cases and applications, and panel proposals on, but not limited to the following tracks and topics:

  • Looking Southwards: Multilateralism
  • Social Entrepreneurship & Local Development
  • International Marketing
  • Consumer & Brands
  • Culture & Consumption
  • Diversity, Inclusion & Causes in Consumption and Business
  • Global & Local Innovation
  • Innovation & Digital Transformation in Local/Global Business
  • Creative Economy
  • Innovation in Higher Education
  • Agribusiness & Food Management
  • Public-Private Partnerships in Infrastructure
  • Investment Decision in Manufacturing & Macroeconomic Prices
  • FDI & Internationalization
  • Stakeholders, Local/Global Networks
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Human Resource Management & Organizational Behavior for Social and Business Development
  • Business Ethics, CSR and Sustainable Development


CONFERENCE WEBSITE --> http://www.sgbed.com/16th-international-conference/

th International Conference of the SGBED - The Society for Global Business & Economic Development
12th ESPM International Conference in Management
14th ESPM International Symposium of Management and Marketing

São Paulo, June 10th - 12th, 2019


Rua Joaquim Távora, 1240 - Vila Mariana, São Paulo/SP, Brasil  (See the MAP - Get the Directions)

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