Open Conference Systems, 16th SGBED & XII ESPM International Conference in Management

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The Mediating Effect of the Strategic Consistency between Altruistic Orientation and SME Sustainability Image
Laura Salciuviene, Claudio De Mattos, Nitin Sanghavi

Last modified: 2019-03-25


As a result of societal pressure, the SME sustainability strategies are at the present time becoming increasingly important. In this paper, we investigate the influence of altruistic orientation on SME sustainability image. We theorise the existence of a mediator – strategic consistency – in this relationship. Existing literature demonstrates the impact of personal characteristics of entrepreneurs on the SME performance. However, studies looking at entrepreneur’s altruism and its consequences for the SME performance, and, in particular, SME sustainability image are rare. Moreover, the mediating role of strategic consistency between the SME main business strategy and its sustainability strategy remains under researched. In this conceptual research, we propose a model that brings together the above three main constructs. Propositions and potential implications for practitioners and public policy makers are also indicated.

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